About Sprocket Photography

Sprocket Photography is an Event and Action Photographer specialising in Karting and other Motorsports, principally in South East and Central England.

Our photographers cover the monthly Rye House Owner/Driver ProKart Endurance and associated corporate Senna Cup , Club 2000 at Red Lodge Karting, and the IKR Shenington Kart Series.  We also cover the Brentwood Kart League for Cadets and Seniors fairly frequently. We occasionally  cover table-tennis competitions at BATTS Norman Booth Centre, Harlow. We are also frequently commissioned for commercial assignments and have been known to do wedding on request!

You can also see more of our work on our sister site on Flickr! 


Please contact us if you would like Sprocket Photography to cover an event or a driver/kart team for you.

We have a vast Archive of   photos stretching back to 2005 at the late lamented Carver Barracks Kart Club.  These include Hoddesdon Kart Club, Club 73, and PFi ProKarting.  If you raced at these meetings from 2010 onwards (sometimes earlier), we almost certainly have some photos of you which can be retrieved to remind you of those times.

The  purpose of this website  is to be an online shop window and to be enjoyed by all those involved and interested in karting and other sports activites. Images should not be copied from this site without permission or exhibited on other websites, including social networking sites.  All images exhibited in this way with permission should acknowledge Sprocket Photography as the author and copyright owner. Watermarking should remain on all images where it exists and must not be cropped off. The copyright for any image purchased remains with the Author but purchasers are licensed to use them in any legal way they chose for personal purposes. Any commercial use must be authorised by Sprocket Photography in advance and additional terms and conditions will apply.